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路易斯安那州宪法要求十大最大的网络彩票平台每年在评估名册上列出和评估所有需要从价税的财产. The "ad valorem" basis for taxation means that all property should be taxed "according to value" which is the definition of ad valorem.  The assessed value is either a percentage of "fair market value", or "use value" as prescribed by law. Property is assessed as follows:

  • Land - 10% of its "fair market value", or "use value"
  • Residential Improvements - 10% of "fair market value"
  • Commercial Property - (including personal property) - 15% of "fair market value" (Note: Commercial land is assessed at 10% of "fair market value")
  • Public Service Property - Public Service properties are valued by the Louisiana Tax Commission. Once they are calculated, 评估值被邮寄给全州的每个十大最大的网络彩票平台,以增加他们当前的税单.

The assessor does not raise or lower taxes. The assessor does not make the laws which affect property owners. The Constitution of the State of Louisiana, as adopted by the voters, provides the basic framework for taxation, and tax laws are made by the Louisiana Legislature. 评估的规则和条例由路易斯安那州税务委员会制定. 税款由税务机关征收,如警察陪审团、学校董事会等.,并由警长办公室以当然税吏的身份收取. 评税员办公室与征收的税款总额无关. 十大最大的网络彩票平台的主要职责是确定你财产的“公平市场价值”,这样你就只需要支付公平份额的税款. The amount of taxes you pay is determined by the "millage rate", which is applied to your property's assessed value. The millage rate, as voted by the public, is levied by all the taxing agencies within the district, city, parish or state. 这些地区包括学区、警察陪审团、执法区等. 选民为提供诸如学校等服务所需要或要求的预算,以村庄率为基础, roads, law enforcement, etc. 里程费率就是为支付这些服务提供资金的费率.

如果确定您的财产有资格获得宅地豁免, you must come by our office and make application for it. 一旦你签署了你的宅地豁免,它是永久有效的,只要你 own and reside at that location. If anything happens that affects the ownership of your property, 你有责任通知我们的办公室来确定未来的宅基地资格.

The basis of your assessment is "fair market value" of your property. To arrive at "fair market value", 十大最大的网络彩票平台必须知道“自愿卖家”和“自愿买家”在市场上做什么. 他还必须随时了解该地区的建筑成本和分区的任何变化, financing, and economic conditions which may affect property values. 十大最大的网络彩票平台可以使用三种国家认可的价值评估方法中的任何一种 cost, income, and market. 然后,这些数据被关联到估价师的最终价值估计中. After your appraisal has been made, the appropriate percentage of value, or level of assessment, required by law is calculated as your "assessed value".

Fair market value is defined by Louisiana Revised Statute 47:2321 as follows:

"Fair Market Value is the price for property which would be agreed upon between a willing and informed buyer and a willing and informed seller under the usual and ordinary circumstances; it shall be the highest price estimated in terms of money which property will bring if exposed for sale on the open market with reasonable time allowed to find a purchaser who is buying with knowledge of all the uses and purposes to which the property is best adapted and for which it can be legally used."

找到你的财产的“公平市场价值”包括发现在目前的公开市场上,大多数人愿意为它支付的价格. It is not quite that simple, however, 因为市场和家庭的条件是不断变化的.

Tax rates are based on millage, bond issues, 以及由立法机关或宪法设立的各区的登记选民投票产生的费用. The tax dollars collected for the districts go to pay for schools, roads, law enforcement, fire protection, 以及纳税人要求和希望从地方政府获得的其他服务. To calculate the taxes on your property, you must take the assessed value, which is a percentage of "fair market value", 再乘以相应的税率或里程率,就得到应付金额. If, as an example, you have $1000 of taxable assessed value and the tax rate is 120 mills, you would pay $1000 x .120 = $120 in taxes. If your home is valued at $100,000, and you are eligible and have signed for homestead exemption, you would calculate your taxes as follow:

$100,000 (Fair Market Value)
x 10% (Level of Assessment)
= $10,000 (Assessed Value)
- 7,500 (Maximum Homestead Exemption)
= 2,500 (Taxable Value)
x .120 (Tax Rate)
= $300.00 (Total Parish Taxes Due)

Note: 这个例子只适用于教区税,因为宅地豁免不适用于城市税.

如果追加税由国民投票决定,个人的财产税就会增加. 此外,当市场价值增加时,评估价值自然也会增加. If you were to make improvements to your existing property, for instance, add a garage, an additional room, or a swimming pool, the "fair market value" increases, and therefore, the assessed value would also increase. The assessor has not created the value. People make value by their transactions in the marketplace. 十大最大的网络彩票平台只是有法律和道德上的责任来研究这些交易,并相应地评估你的财产.

As a taxpayer, 你有一定的法律责任提供你财产的准确信息. Our office welcomes all information provided by the property owner. If you have complied with these legal requirements, you are entitled to question the value placed on your property. 如果你对财产价值的看法与评税员不同, you may come to our office to discuss the matter in person. 准备好证明评税员对物业的估价不正确的证据. 我们的工作人员很乐意回答您十大彩票网赌平台十大最大的网络彩票平台评估的问题. If, after discussing the matter with the Assessor, a difference of opinion still exists, 你可以根据程序向十大彩票网赌平台审查委员会提出上诉. After reviewing your appeal, 如果评审委员会同意评核员的意见,而意见分歧仍然存在, 你可以就委员会的决定向路易斯安那州税务委员会提出上诉. If the Commission agrees with the Board and the Assessor, you can plead your case before the courts should you choose to do so.

Our Office is not responsible for the mailing out of Tax Notices. Each individual Tax Collector mails out their own notices. 如果您没有收到您的通知,您可以致电教区收税办公室(318)368-2511. 如果您没有收到您的城市税务通知,您需要打电话给适用于您的评估的城市. Even if you do not recieve a tax notice, 确保财产税已经缴纳是你的责任.

根据路易斯安那州宪法第7条第18款和R.S.[07:23 . 31]所有应纳税的财产每四年重新估价(更新)一次. 评税员应按住宅物业及空置土地的公平市场价值的10%及商业物业的公平市场价值的15%进行评税. State Law (R.S. (47:2321)将公平市场价值定义为在通常和普通情况下,自愿且知情的买方和自愿且知情的卖方之间商定的财产价格. State Law (R.S. 47:2323) requires that assessors follow uniform guidelines, procedures, and rules and regulations in determining fair market value.